Fit for export to North America

Main switch actuation compliant to North American standards NFPA79 and UL508A

The North American standard stipulates that the operating handle must always be permanently connected to the switch. This applies even when the control panel door is open.

The newly developed door coupling rotary handle with supplementary handle on the switch realizes this demand. The new handle complies with the latest NFPA79 and UL508A standard in terms of a deliberate action.

The deliberate action involves the supplementary handle being rotated by about 20 degrees, and then pushing and turning it simultaneously to turn on the switch. The important safety properties such as actuation features, indication of the switch position and locking capabilities are now doubled up and available both externally on the door coupling rotary handles as well as internally on the switch.

The rotary handle is available for switch sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4.