Switching, Protection, Communication – Compact Circuit-Breakers and Switch-Disconnectors up to 1600 A

Further details on diagnostics and communication features ...

It has arrived, our new homogenous circuit-breaker series

The principle of innovation and future security of investment has been implemented by the new circuit-breaker series up to 1600 A.

Four switches with four levels of switching capacity

Four switches with four universal levels of switching capacity form a comprehensive range, from the competitively priced 25 kA for small sub-distribution boards, up to 150 kA switching capacity for complex high-power systems. The compact construction of the new small 160 A switch saves space as a main switch in machine control schemes, as an incomer in service distribution boards or as an outgoer in power distribution boards. Additional device levels are 300 A, the particularly compact 630 A, and the large 1600 A circuit-breaker.

Circuit-breaker NZM1 NZM2 NZM3 NZM4
Short-circuit switching capacity Icu = Ics at 415 V        
25 kA  
36 kA  
50 kA  
100/150 kA  
X/– X X X/–
Ranges of application, in A 25 – 160 32 – 300 125 – 630 315 – 1600
Number of poles 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4
Rated voltage, in V 690 690 690 690
Overload releases        
  Thermomagnetic X X X
  Electronic X X X
Switch-disconnector PN1/N1 PN2/N2 PN3/N3 N4
Ranges of application, in A 63 – 160 160 – 250 400 – 630 800 – 1600
Number of poles 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4
Rated voltage, in V 690 690 690 690
Dimensions in mm





The new range with its compact mounting form features consistency, with the same function, mounting and operation for switches and accessories.

All have different, competitively priced releases with thermostatic bimetals or communication-capable digital electronics for a wide range of protective tasks: Both for AC and DC voltage networks ranging from cable protection and motor/generator protection to transformer protection. Applications such as main-, Emergency-Stop and coupling switches can be implemented via the switch-disconnectors up to 1600 A.

Highest level of performance in a compact space

NZM1 and NZM2 The circuit-breakers NZM1 and NZM2 can be loaded with up to 160 A/300 A rated current and safely switch off short-circuit currents up to 150 kA even with their narrowest design.

Ideas for greater performance – the contact system, for example

Contact system Innovative switching technology with a double-break contact system speeds up the switching process. In the event of a short circuit, the special shape and materials selected produce repelling magnet power that pushes the contacts apart in a fraction of a sine wave. Switching capacities up to 150 kA and operational voltages up to 690 V can be managed without difficulty. The simultaneous reduction in heat dissipation creates benefits for use in control panels.