Switch-disconnector NS

Control of high short-circuit capacities with
NS switch-disconnectors

Switch-disconnector NS The UL/CSA approved devices for world markets provide safety for the switch independently of the upstream protective devices. The self-protection of the device is guaranteed up to maximum short-circuit currents of 100 kA at 480 V by integrated short-circuit releases.

This independence from the type of protective device in the upstream panelboard or switchboard is particularly interesting if the switch is used as a main switch for machines.

All four frame sizes of the American Molded Case Switches correspond to the UL 489 and CSA-C22.2 No. 5-02. Similarly, the same devices as CBI-X are compliant with the international circuit-breaker standard IEC/EN 60 947-2, Annex L. As a result they are devices for world markets.

The new switches cover the complete performance range from 63 A to 1200 A.