Wide range of diagnostics and communication features

Direct signalling

Checked on-site

Fieldbus control

Remote monitoring

Diagnostics included – from contact to control system

The NZM electronic ciruit-breaker offers a comprehensive range of on-board diagnostic functions for every stage involved in power distribution. All important information can be collected, displayed on-site and passed on to higher level systems.

System transparency is enhanced and the reaction times to critical states, e.g. over current, phase unbalance or phase failure can be reduced. Detailed event protocols enable quick diagnosis of fault causes. Operating hours and switching operation counters facilitate planning of preventative maintenance activities. Protocol functions support the documentation of status, diagnostic messages and parameter settings. The modularity guarantees the necessary level of flexibility with expansion and retrofitting to react to changing demands.

Remote monitoring – just a click away

In order to receive full transparency with all switchgear, up to now complex programming of control and visualisation systems was necessary. The new FDT-Navigator now enables simple implementation of a complete service control station: for remote switching and observation of networked switchgear, for diagnosis of all events and maintenance information as well as the parameterisation of all device functions. And all functions are as easy to install as a printer driver with no knowledge of automation required.

Fieldbus control – simply snap and couple

Complete coupling of all functions to the automation level is now possible via PROFIBUS DP or CANopen. All status and measurement information can be monitored and logged. Exceeding of threshold values can be evaluated through energy management concepts. Interfacing is particularly easy via PROFIBUS: the data is available in a common format and structure using the standard profile of the PROFIBUS User Organisation. Furthermore DP-V1 functionality enables access to all messages, diagnostics and parameter data as well as motor starter functions.

PROFIBUS GSD (device master data) files

Checked on-site – just plug in a laptop or DMI

The detailed reason for tripping or warning is reported by the electronic release including the trip cause, the phase status as well as the circuit-breaker settings. Ten historic diagnostic records are saved directly in the circuit-breaker. All data is available directly on site for mobile diagnostics and protocol using a laptop. The DMI data management interface is available for stationary display of all signals, measurements, switching operations, operating hours as well as diagnostics records with time stamp.

NZM-XPC-Soft V2.03 Eaton Brand

Direct signalling – simply snapped on from the front

Immediately recognising critical situations is now possible: warnings at 70 %, 100 % and 120 % loading are indicated directly by the electronic release. Critical limits of the system's capacity are immediately recognisable on-site without additional accessories. For display of the status and trip indication all NZM circuit-breakers use contact elements from the RMQ-Titan® range.