Clever Mounting and Connection Increases Economy

The spacer – saving time and expense

Abstandshalter Switches and accessories with systematic depth graduation are only available with the new Moeller range. Together with the new mounting rings, all the switches are basically positioned at the same front height. Individual preparation of spacers is not required.

The result is a cost-effective alternative to the door coupling rotary handle with extension shaft for external operation of the circuitbreaker. This worldwide innovation gains time and saves expense.

Insulating surround

The insulation surround always fits – regardless of if the circuit-breaker is equipped with a toggle-lever, rotary drive or remote operator. It is unnecessary to keep differing insulating surrounds in stock. It is the cost-effective method to operate circuit-breakers externally when the control panel door is closed. The insulating surround has IP 40 degree of protection and the inscription labels can be simply clipped in.

Fast and efficient top-hat rail installation

Fast and efficient top-hat rail installation with the use of a clip plate. Just simply attach the clip plate from the rear onto the circuit-breaker and clip it onto the top-hat rail. No need to drill holes in the mounting plate.

The particular advantage of the small NZM1: the "standard dimension" enables side-by-side installation with miniature circuit breakers in service distribution boards.