Variable Operation – Toggle, Turn, Automatic Operation

The actuator – toggle or rotate

Betätiger The new range of circuit-breakers is actuated as standard using the tried and tested toggle lever. Three switch positions On, Off and Tripped indicate the status of the device. For typical disconnector applications, where no voltage release is required, Eaton offers competitivelypriced PN switch-disconnectors with switch position indication 0 and 1.

Depending on individual requirements, toggling can be converted to a rotary movement by fitting a rotary operator. When using the main- or Emergency-Stop switch with a rotary handle, it can be locked using up to three padlocks. The rotary handles are also available in red/yellow for Emergency-Stop functions.

The door coupling rotary handle – for uniform, flexible solutions

The base plate is the same for every door coupling rotary handle, this means faster fitting due to the identical drilling diagram. The switches can also be fitted vertically or horizontally in the control panel.

Operator on rear

Operator on rear The innovative rear operator for 3-pole circuit-breakers and switch-disconnectors provides an attractively priced and compact method to fit switches and door rotary handles as a mounting unit in control panel enclosure side panels. Typical areas of application are main switches with or without Emergency-Stop functions up to 250 A rated current, in processing machines with limited space availability. In addition to the optical benefits of the externally "invisible" fixing, this solution also offers simple and fast access to terminals, setting buttons, voltage release and auxiliary contacts.

The UL/CSA approval ensures world-wide use of the components – even on the North American market.

Side operator – the main type

Up to 630 A, the side wall operator enables the switch to be operated from the right or left hand side as desired. Optional fitting of our mounting bracket results in optimum use of space in the control panel. The mounting plate can thus be used for other machine control elements.

The remote operators – simple, uniform operation

Fernantrieb The concept of uniform functions brings about simpler operation for all remote operators. The spring-powered actuator permits closing delays of 60 or 100 ms, thereby also allowing application in the field of synchronization. Short function sequences and fewer parts ensure a high degree of stability and a long service life. Safety is also emphasized here by the sealing option for the Auto function and by the facility for padlocking the remote operator.