Economic and cost-saving design – Circuit breakers of the new C-series

Circuit breakers of the new C-series with 36 kA of short circuit breaking capacity and nominal currents of 20 to 500 A are suited to the most common standard applications.

The capacity of the low-voltage transformer determines the level of the short-circuit current in the most prevalent low-voltage radial networks.

The 36 kA breaking capacity of the new C-series prevails over the highest short-circuit currents of the commonly used 630 kVA transformer class. Even in networks with transformers of up to 1600 kVA, the economical switches of the new C-switch series are the top choice:

They are modelled after the high-performance circuit breakers of the modern NZM series and also possess their positive features regarding systematics and easy handling.

Thanks to broad setting ranges, the thermo-magnetic tripping devices can be adapted to the allowable load currents of the equipment to be protected.

With the adequate accessories, the circuit breakers of the new C-series lend themselves to every use – in power distribution networks or in the equipping of electrical machines.