The terminals – convenient, secure and flexible

The termination options on the new NZM circuit-breaker series allow you great flexibility to adapt to any requirement in your application. Whether you are using copper or aluminium cable, copper strip or copper busbar, the NZM has the appropriate connection for them all. For example, the box terminal on NZM 2 and 3 can be opened at the top to facilitate insertion of conductors. An add-on part achieves IP20 degree of protection (finger-proof).

Connection preparation for multiple conductors

It enables the connection of up to nine conductors with cable lugs per phase. Auxiliary busbars are no longer required.

Rear connection

This method of connection allows busbars or round conductors to be connected at the rear. Partitioning of the switch area, terminal area and operator area is carried out without difficulty.

Control circuit terminals

The control circuit terminals are simply screwed onto the respective connection type. The tap-offs for voltage meters, control transformers and undervoltage releases are implemented quickly.

Back of hand or finger-proof

Cable-lug, box-terminal or tunnel-terminal – it does not matter as covers will always ensure that they are back-of-hand proof.

Fingerproof to IP2X, conform to IEC/EN 60204-1 for main switches is fast and easy to implement. The new additional covers can be matched to every cross-section.