Suitable for every method of installation

The withdrawable unit – user-friendly operation

As usual, plug-in and withdrawable units in addition to the fixed mounted option are available. It makes it easier to quickly adapt to malfunctions or increases in the rated current range and thus avoid long downtimes.

Uniform racking handle operation for withdrawable units enhances operating safety and ensures a test position for function testing without having to switch the main contacts.

The plug-in unit – open to possibilities

The plug-in feature enables rapid and uncomplicated exchange of circuit-breakers without having to shutdown the entire system. The same widths for the fixed and withdrawable circuit-breakers ensures simple engineering during the system design phase.

A very visible isolating distance can be implemented in addition to the isolating characteristics by the use of plug-in breakers. The open plug-in contacts are finger-proof (IP2X).

If the system is to be modified at a later date, the use of plug-in sockets for reserve outgoers is recommended.