IZMX16 – The World's Smallest Air Circuit-Breaker

Circuit-breaker IZMX16, fixed installation and withdrawable, series NRX

The circuit-breaker series IZMX16 offers various rated currents: from 630 A to 1600 A and switching capacities of 42 kA, 50 kA and 65 kA.

Furthermore, the optimum protection parameters on the control unit can be set exactly to suit the application or the equipment to be protected. As a consequence, the circuit-breaker series is very versatile.

The main fields of application are:
  • System protection
  • Motor protection
  • Transformer protection
  • Generator protection

A large range of practical accessories are available to extend the functionality of the switch in the application (such as, for example, to signal, automate or communicate).
Even if a system is to be temporarily over-dimensioned by several power distribution stages, a 1600 A switch, for example, can be precisely set to match equipment rated at just 100 A by simply exchanging the rating plug.

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