Expansion and networking

Moeller® series

The expandable power supply and CPU devices of the MFD-Titan series enable central and decentralized input/output expansion.

Simply fit the I/O expansions of the easy control relay directly to the basic unit. Now all you need to do is to connect the devices with the easy-Link interface. As an alternative, you can also use the EASY200-EASY coupling module and a simple two-wire cable to a max. length of 30 m.

networking with easy relay

The MFD-Titan® multi-function display can be integrated with easy into the easy-NET network: Generally, all devices with an easy-NET connection, the MFD-Titan® or easy800 can immediately communicate with one another. For example, the MFD-Titan® indicates the operating states and the easy800 controls and regulates.

Additionally, the MFD-Titan® offers the opportunity of connecting two devices via the serial interface using a simple point-to-point connection: This could be communication with another MFD-Titan® or an easy800.

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