EMR4-I Current Monitor – For Universal Use

Current Monitor

The EMR4-I current monitors are suitable for both AC and DC monitoring tasks. The selectable lower or upper tripping limit means that they can be used for the underload or overload monitoring of pumps and drilling machines.

They are available in two versions, each with three measuring ranges (30/100/1000 mA, 1.5/5/15 A). The multi-voltage coil allows these relays to be used for a wide range of applications. The second changeover contact is provided for direct status indication.

Selective bridging of transitory current peaks

The on-delay can be selected between 0.1 s – 30 s in order to bridge transitory current peaks.

  • On-delay 0.1 s – 30 s
  • LED status indication
  • Measuring range 0.003 A –1 A or 0.3 A –15 A
  • Measuring range can be extended with current transformer or shunts
  • The relay features a second changeover contact that is used for indication purpose.