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Shop window illumination

easy shop window illumination control
  • Automatic daylight-dependent and timer controlled switching of illumination and external advertising displays puts the products in a "favourable light" .
  • Activation of the illumination during an alarm or random control is possible.
  • Program protected by password.
  • Supply and input voltage range 100 to 240 V AC. Direct switching of the load current via relay. Direct connection of standard commercially available recessed switches to easy.

Building illumination control

Building illumination with easy
  • Switching the illumination on and off can be controlled centrally or decentrally via a remote control function.
  • The clock timer controlled switch-off impulse enables centrally controlled shutdown of the illumination for energy conservation purposes.
  • A basic unit can control up to 12 independent illumination groups. Ambient lighting control systems such as central cleaning services lighting, stairwell illumination control or "early-warning signal for darkness phases" can be implemented in the engineering design.
  • Fitting in low-voltage power distribution systems due to the 45 mm standard size, as well as sizing in factor 4, 6, 8 and 12 MCB width.


  • Daylight and temperature control of skylights, heating, fans, irrigation and illumination.
  • Detection and processing of up to four analog values, e.g. temperature, humidity or brightness.
  • Further processing, comparison, display and output of analog values via comfortable mathematical functions and analog outputs.
  • Setting of the required values directly on the device.
  • Manual intervention possible at any time via external switches or the four built-in cursor keys.
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