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Receive information quickly and comfortable about innovations on the With a subscription to our RSS feed you are kept up-to-date even if you have not looked at our website.

What is a RSS feed?

With RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) you have the opportunity to remain up-to-date regarding new pages and reworked pages on the

The titles of the new pages and their links to our homepage are collected in special lists. You can get this list read and displayed by so-called feed or news readers.

Hyperlinks bring you directly to the new pages. You have an overview of the updates to at all times.

What do I need to read a RSS feed?

Some web browsers directly support RSS, e.g. Firefox from V 1.5 or Internet Explorer 7. Newsfeeds - just like RSS or RDF format - are usually identified by an orange button with the inscription "XML" or "RSS". A click on this symbol or a link such as "RSS feed" usually leads directly to an RSS file. Simply copy the link using the right mouse button or the browser URL field and add it to your RSS reader.

Furthermore, there is also special software available – the RSS readers – for comfortable reading of RSS feeds as already mentioned (there is a collection of useful links at the end of this document).

Alternatively the offer on the Internet can be utilized, e.g. such as Google Reader or Bloglines, where the required RSS feed can be entered and read.

How do you subscribe to a RSS feed?

You simply require the address of our RSS feed.
Simply copy it into the field provided in your feed reader:

Further information about RSS and feed readers:

There are many free and commercial RSS reader applications available to read RSS feeds:

  • News aggregators as downloads
    such as Newsgator. This is partly available free-of-charge and installed on the computer of the user. As soon as a connection to the Internet is established, all the selected news channels are synchronised and the respective articles can be read if the user is interested. News aggregators as a download can be tuned to reflect your personal tastes and interests.
  • Online aggregators
    such as, No download for synchronization of the news is required here. Online aggregators are websites which offer synchronized headers – so-called teasers – in their own design covering certain sorted topics and which link directly to the original text. A personalisation and compilation of the feed is only partly possible or only possible on a limited basis.

Feed reader programs:

  • Newsgator
    Feed reader for Microsoft Outlook and for Windows.
  • NetNewsWire
    Reader for Mac OS X as well as a free Lite Version is available
Unix / Linux
  • Liferea
    Multi feature RSS reader with ATOM support for GNOME
  • Akregator
    RSS reader for the kde desktop
Further programs at :
Here you can find an overview of the different web services and programs for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Online aggregators - you can enter our RSS feed and read it online here:

Personalised Google start page:

Simply enter the following URL in the area “Add content” at “Create section”:

Google Reader