Energy distribution

Low-voltage power distribution

The quality of protective devices in a power distribution system becomes immediately evident in an emergency. A short-circuit in an operational area must be switched off safely before system sections are damaged or persons are injured. At the same time, the area, which is shut down, should be as small as possible, so that operational areas not directly affected are not switched off unnecessarily and can continue to operate normally.

The power distribution systems are ideally complemented by the building automation products Xpole, Xpatch and Xboard. We are thus in a position to offer a complete range of high-performance components that are ideally matched to one another and that guarantee safe power distribution at airports.

Circuit-breakers NZM

Are protection of systems and persons fully guaranteed? Are the specified short-circuit values safely switched and is the system immediately ready for service after the problems have been remedied? If our circuit-breakers are used in the power distribution system, the operators of international airports can answer this question with an unequivocal "yes".
Our circuit-breakers are not just convincing due to their exact compliance with electrical requirements. Useful additional functions such as diagnostic and networking feature or integrated ELCB, make this product the first choice for every airport.

Control panel system MODAN

Safety, modularity and the option of maintenance during operation are demands placed on a modern power distribution system. The System MODAN combines the greatest possible flexibility features with safety and reliability up to 6,300 A. The drawer units and the removable compartments provide a high degree of personnel protection and fast replacement of the functional units, without disconnection of the power supply to the system.