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Related Downloads


Circuit-Breaker Communication System
11/04 MN01219002Z-EN
(replaces 11/04 AWB1230-1441GB)
Created: 8/12/04  
[1226 KB]

FDT Navigator
Frame application for device specific DTMs

User Interface
05/04 AWB2776-1546GB
Created: 1/24/05  
[1 MB]

Device specific DTM for NZM

Operating, Parameter setting and Diagnostics
06/04 AWB2776-1547GB
Created: 1/24/05  
[1.9 MB]

NZM Diagnostics and DMI Configuration

10/09 MN01219003Z-EN
(replaces 10/09 AWB1230-1459GB)
Created: 11/2/04  
[1827 KB]

Product Information

Characterictics Program CurveSelect
Setting-Specific Representation of Tripping Characteristics and Competent Assessment of their Interaction
4th Revised Edition, 2014
(Replacement for VER1230-943GB)
Created: 12/3/04  
[2,999 KB]

Maximum system availability thanks to plug-in circuit-breakers NZM3-SVE
Created: 11/16/12  
[994 KB]

Photovoltaic 2016 for commercial application
Created: 7/26/11  
[4,390 KB]

Reliable Protection for systems, generators and motors up to 1600 A
Created: 2/21/13  
[4,124 KB]

Safe Isolation of Main Circuits with Switch-Disconnectors N or with Molded Case Switches NS
Technical paper, 8 pages
Created: 10/1/10  
[407 KB]


CurveSelect Characteristics program for short-circuit and overload protection devices
Simple characteristic curve visualisation, comparison and documentation
Characteristics program V1.23
Simply register and download!
Created: 2/25/08  
[8.3 MB]


Circuit breaker
DMI (Data Management Interface)

Firmware update v1.31
Created: 1/17/07  
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NZM-XPC-SOFT V2.03 Eaton Brand
NZM Diagnosis und DMI Configuration
Full version and demo version

New features: 32 COM ports for USB converter operation supported;
Flexible interface to CurveSelect
New DMI firmware V1.3.1 supported
Also available on CD: VKF1230594INT, Order-No. 144803
Order separately: NZM cable NZM-XPC-KIT, Order-No. 265631
Created: 7/29/10  
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