Onsite Service

Onsite Service

Onsite malfunction repairs

You can request onsite assistance when required. Qualified service technicians and specialists will visit you and repair your malfunctions quickly and efficiently.

Installation and commissioning assistance

Do you require competent support during installation and commissioning at short notice? Please contact us. Our specialized personnel will help you with hardware and software – including assistance when modifying and expanding your systems.

Conversions and expansions

For automation products, circuit-breakers or other components – we will modernise your machines and systems to the state-of-the-art if required with conversions and expansions. Particularly if your machines and systems are controlled by devices which may no longer be repaired. Failure of these components would involve an expensive interruption in production.

We can offer you an attractively priced conversion to the current Eaton products in order to enhance production security.

Your benefits:

  • Freedom to plan the conversion dates
  • New guarantee and warranties

A general modification of the original control is generally necessary if the production process has changed or the systems have been extended. After Sales Service will assist you with the conversions and expansions. Please contact our experts:

  • Send a list of your hardware configuration to AfterSalesEGBonn@eaton.com
  • Or call us at +49 (0) 228 602 3640
  • and receive consultation and our offer within a short time.
  • Conversion dates can be agreed at short notice.

Inspection and maintenance

The operational safety of power distribution systems is of primary importance for uninterrupted production and for the protection of persons. Eaton supports you with experienced personnel during the inspection and maintenance of low-voltage power distribution systems such as e.g. xEnergy, MODAN2000 or MODAN6000 as well as the inspection of circuit-breakers.


Increased contact resistance's inevitably lead to increased temperatures (P=IČ*R). Thermography - which is also referred to as thermal imaging – is an efficient way to prevent these inadmissible heat sources, e.g. in operational electrical systems and controls, and thus to prevent serious damage.

The specially trained personnel from After Sales Service supported by their special hardware can assist in detection of these weak-points during operation of your systems. This is the cost-effective way to avoid expensive production stand-stills. This service offered by After Sales Service saves you the costs associated with the procurement of expensive measurement equipment and the costs for the corresponding qualification of your personnel. A service which is worth more than it costs.

Network analysis

Who has not experienced it: electronic controls stop without any apparent reason or circuit-breakers trip without cause. An exchange of the components does not lead to elimination of the sporadic fault. In order to avoid a protracted and expensive troubleshooting exercise, it is useful to perform a network analysis over an extended period of time. Commission After Sales Service in order to receive a definite result of the situation on your network.

The derived improvement measures can assist you to an uninterrupted and trouble-free production process.

Bus monitoring

Modern systems and controls utilise various possibilities for networking from the process control system to the MMI. This method offers significant benefits for efficient production. On the other hand there are increased demands placed on the maintenance personnel and the corresponding equipment for troubleshooting. As malfunctions in this area are relatively seldom, the question of an attractively priced alternative is posed. Here After Sales Service also offer you a tailor made solution to obtain realisable conclusions in the networking field with experienced personnel and suitable equipment.

Service training

We bring your personnel up to speed with tailor-made service training which considers your individual demands and conditions. The training units include in particular the product oriented measures which are required in service situations.


We are available for consultation on Monday – Friday from 08:00 – 16:00 CET at +49 (0) 228 602 3640 or by arrow_right.gif E-Mail. Call us or contact your local Eaton representative. We are more than happy to be of assistance.