Energy Efficiency

Eaton energy-efficient solutions = products + services

Eaton provides products and services designed to conceive and implement energy-efficient solutions for individual applications.

Energy efficiency commences with the use of energy-saving products at Eaton. The switchgear devices are characterized by a low energy consumption and power dissipation. Automation systems and drives facilitate a tailor-made design of energy-saving applications. The implementation of energy-optimized system solutions is ensured by functional and application-specific product adaptations as well as services in the area of parameterization and programming.

Eaton delivers tailor-made, energy-efficient services for engineering and operation of systems. In the engineering of new systems, the range of services provided is defined by consultation services for energy management and comprehensive turnkey projects. For system operation, the services range from simple energy consumption analyses to complex energy management audits extending right up to the implementation of energy management solutions.

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