SmartWire-DT Products: Motor starters

Simply clever.

SWD motor starters

Even the conventional wiring of a control current circuit incorporating motor starters or contactors involves considerable time and effort.
Every motor starter or every contactor is wired individually, and separately connected to the input/output modules of the control. This requires a lot of time and has the potential for many wiring faults and operating faults. It is really clever with our motor starters and contactors of the xStart series complemented by SmartWire-DT.

SmartWire-DT – simply clever – for motor starters or contactors

Motor starters from standard components
A good example for workload reduction: The SmartWire-DT module for DILM is simply plugged onlike an auxiliary contact on contactors up to 38 A.

To configure a motor starter the motor-protective circuit-breaker from the standard range is used. This combination can now be complemented by system accessories (e. g. the three-phase commoning link or busbar adapter).

motor starters