SmartWire-DT products: Gateway

SmartWire-Darwin gateway

The gateway

PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen, Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP gateways are available for the exchange of data with the higher-level controls. Thus the most important fieldbus connections for the conventionally available controls is provided.
The required GSD or EDS files can be found on our Internet homepage.

The powerfeed module 1

Powerfeed 1 serves as an additional 24 V DC power supply for xStart motor starter combinations or xStart size 1 or 2 contactors on the SmartWire-DT line.

SmartWire Darwin Busrefresh

The powerfeed module 2

As with powerfeed 1, powerfeed 2 is used as a 24 V DC power supply and also provides the 15 V DC power supply for the devices. Ideal when many devices are used or with extended cable lengths.