Soft Starters DS7

Soft Starters DS7 with SmartWire-DT

SmartWire-DT reduces the wiring effort and expense on many switchgear systems by as much as 85 % and is thus a cost-effective and simple wiring solution.

Softstarter DS7

The motor starter from the standard range
The soft starter DS7 is connected to the motor-protective circuit-breaker PKZ by a tool-less and plug-in assembly process. The soft starter DS7 is powered via the SmartWire-DT power lines.

The connection of the soft starter DS7 with SmartWire-DT offers further benefits:

– Reduction of the I/O level
– Plug-in control wiring avoids wiring faults
– Detailed diagnostics

  • Access to all parameters (read and write)
  • Reading and overwriting the set manual device parameters
  • Diagnostics and status messages available.

– Access to parameters via a service laptop parallel to the PLC, even during ongoing operation

Additional features in conjunction with the motor-protective circuit-breakers with electronic wide-range overload protection PKE:

– Device protection against overload
– Additional protection of the soft starter against too many starts per hour
– Overload relay function (on overload the DS7 switches off instead of the PKZ)
– Diagnostics and status messages available via SmartWire-DT:

  • = Increases the system availability by the transfer of process relevant data, e.g. motor current, switch settings, etc.
  • = Saves time-consuming troubleshooting during commissioning and maintenance

– Adjustable current limitation function.