SmartWire-DT Products: Control circuit devices

Simply ingenious.

Conventional wiring of control circuit devices involves a lot of effort and expense every contact or indicator light is wired individually, and separately connected to the input/output modules of the control. This requires a lot of time and has the potential for many wiring faults. SmartWire-DT is simply ingenious the flat green cable connects control circuit devices with just a click. This saves time and reduces the sources of error.

SmartWire-DT – simply ingenious − for control circuit devices.

Montage RMQ Titan®

RMQ Titan® control circuit devices

RMQ Titan® control circuit devices are plugged together with SmartWire-DT function elements. Simply insert the device plug, ready to go.

Every SmartWire-DT function element has its own address as well as self diagnostics.
The benefits: fast and efficient diagnostics.

RMQ Titan surface mount enclosure with SmartWire-DT

The green SmartWire-DT round conductor connects the control panel with the peripherals. The M22-.. surface mount enclosures are connected with cable glands or plug connectors (optional accessories). The circuit board is simply connected using colour coded push-in terminals. Now simply snap on the required base fixing function element ready to go.