SmartWire-DT products: Connecting instead of wiring

One system, countless possibilities: Independently of the selected bus system of the higher-level control, up to 99 devices can be interconnected with the new SmartWire-DT line up to a maximum overall total length of 600 m. The SmartWire-DT line always commences with a gateway. From here the “green” flat cable originates and interconnects the devices inside and outside the control panel right up to the termination resistor. Thus on the one hand the gateway assumes the coordination of the SmartWire-DT line, and on the other hand assumes the data coupling to the higher-level control.

The cable technology

The “green” eight-pole flat cable is the lifeline of the SmartWire-DT and interconnects from the gateway to the termination resistor. The flat cable has two prominent distinguishing features: Arrows indicate the direction of the cable from the gateway the bus termination and the black marking indicates the mounting orientation of the devices and the flat connector.
In addition to the data lines, the supply voltages for the devices (15 V DC) and the control (24 V DC) of the contactors are included in the cable.

Addressing of the SmartWire-DT devices is undertaken automatically at the push of a button on the gateway in the sequence in which they are mounted.