SmartWire-DT: SWD-Assist

Easily achieve you target with SWD-Assist

In principle all SmartWire-DT lines can be established and configured without using software tools. The software SWD-Assist helps you to simply and easily plan the SmartWire-DT line. Standard MS Windows functions simplify the operation and handling. The configuration can be saved and reused for any other projects.


You will receive a complete order list with required quantities and part numbers.
A formula editor is available for documentation purposes.

Even the device description files GSD for PROFIBUS-DP can be created to suit the application with SWD-Assist.

Then the file is simply integrated into your control configuration in the usual manner using your programming environment. And your are ready.

SmartWire Darwin Assist

The SWD-Assist can be downloaded free-of-charge

Future updates can be found in the