SmartWire-DT – the Application:

Bridges the gap between the automation and control panel worlds.

What has changed?
The fundamental change has occurred in the control panel: switchgear components have become intelligent automation devices and the conventional control circuit wiring between the I/O assemblies and switchgear is completely replaced by new, significantly less complex interconnection technology. The central and distributed I/O levels are now directly integrated into the switchgear.

The new SmartWire-DT connection technology can be used in different industrial and building automation application fields: whether as a solution in the control panel, in the peripherals directly on the machine or in purpose-build buildings with SmartWire-DT you simply and clearly configure your application.
This is achieved on the one hand by the omission of the conventional control circuit wiring, and on the other hand by shifting the I/O level directly into the switchgear.


  • Considerably reduces the engineering expense
  • Saves time-consuming troubleshooting during commissioning and maintenance
  • Applies a system to the central and distributed control panel design.