The Technology – One evolutionary process, many highlights.

SmartWire-DT: The easy way to connect.

SmartWire-DT to a very great degree reduces the wiring effort and expense and helps along the entire value-added chain from the design to the construction, to the commissioning up to system expansion in the reduction of costs. SmartWire-DT relies on the tried-and-tested industrial switchgear and grants intelligent communication features.

The benefits, one to three.

1. SmartWire-DT works with standard components. This means: any rethinking is unnecessary. Inexpensive solutions. High availability. No stock duplication etc. One system for all motors up to 1600 A.

2. The modules are simply addressed at the press of a button. Without any laborious addressing via DIP switches. No new specialist knowledge required. Without any special know-how for a new bus system.

3. Operation is simple and time-saving. Workshop requirements are reduced. The principle: Plug & Work. The time saving is enormous. And there is no need for troubleshooting because the system does not allow any wiring faults.

The result of this series of benefits is a clearly designed and extremely compact control cabinet.

Overall life cycle of a machine plant:

Planning Engineering Ordering Mounting
Economical on space due to savings in the I/O level and reduction of cable ducts. Fast and flexible engineering thanks to the reduction of terminal points, use of 'typicals' and system modules. Simple purchasing logistics thanks to the use of standard components. No stock duplication. Fast, simple mounting of established standard components with SmartWire-DT modules: Plug & Work.
Wiring Commissioning Operation Expansion  
Cables no longer have to be prepared, labelled and wired. Connecting instead of wiring thanks to SmartWire-DT connecting circuits. Fast, simple commissioning. Wiring faults are prevented by the system.
The modules are simply addressed at the press of a button.
The control cabinet is clearly designed. The LED shows the operating state. Just fit the new modules for to expand the system. The modules are configured automatically by pressing a button.