SmartWire-DT – Evolution in the control cabinet

Generally used automation technology has over the years offered the most varied solutions with different networking architecture configurations, ranging from the classical central configurations to distributed solutions. Further potential exists, particularly in the area of control circuit wiring.

Switchgear is still wired individually and connected to the inputs and outputs of the control. Wiring faults, complex wiring and function tests, extended diagnostic times during malfunction trouble-shooting are still the result irrespective of the sophisticated automation features. SmartWire-DT transforms standard switchgear to communicationenabled devices. The conventional control wiring between I/O assemblies and switchgear is reduced significantly.

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In the past, the classic control panel consisted of a central control with switchgear, sensors and actuators, which all had to be wired individually.

Conclusion: extensive wiring effort, large and expensive control panels, time-intensive commissioning, complex trouble-shooting, limited diagnostic features.

Switchgear is connected directly to SmartWire-DT and coupled via a gateway to the control. The control circuit wiring is reduced to a minimum.

Conclusion:drastic reduction in the wiring, clear and compact control panels, short commissioning times and comprehensive diagnostic features reduce the standstill times and thus increase the availability.

New SmartWire-DT components extend the portfolio. The next additions for connection to SmartWire-DT are the circuit-breakers of the NZM series and the new electronic motor-protective circuit-breakers PKE.

Eaton offers a modern and forward-looking interconnection system for industrial automation with SmartWire-DT.