Signal tower and Acoustic indicators

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Signal tower

Signal towers SL provide visual and audible signals of machine states, easily identifiable even at a distance.

Signals are distinguishable as continuous light, flashing light, strobe light or acoustic indication, enabling their level of importance to be correctly evaluated without delay.

The individual modules can be combined as required, and simply assembled by plugging the bayonet fitting into place and turning slightly. The individual modules are freely programmable by merely relocating a wire link (jumper) on each module board. This, for example, enables a dangerous machine state to be indicated by a red flashing light backed up at the same time by an audible alarm signal. To achieve this, put the jumpers of both modules in the same position on the module board, irrespective of the module position in the column.

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An open ear for all – acoustic signals

Acoustic indicator Acoustic signals are detected by everyone regardless of their location. Acoustic indicators should always be used if optical signals are difficult to see or can not be seen by the operating personnel.

When combined with an optical indicator, all the information (the alarm messages) can be seen and heard regardless of where the operating personnel are currently located.

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