Safety-/ position switches

Monitoring safe positions with LS-Titan

safety position switches From material handling systems to plastic injection moulding; from car washes to doors on trams: the position switches LS-Titan are used wherever there is exact positioning requirement.

The analog position switch with a voltage or current output also enables a range of new applications for the LS-Titan, where mechanical position detection could only provide insufficient information up to now – for example, detecting the position with opened flaps for flue gasses.

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World innovation – the electronic position switch LSE-Titan®

electronic position switch The electronic position switch LSE has an operating point that can be set variably. Two fast and bounce-free PNP switch outputs enable high switching frequencies. They are protected against short-circuit and overload and are equipped with an abrupt switching behaviour. This guarantees a defined and reproducible operating point.

The actual operation point is in a range between 0.5 mm to 5.5 mm (supplied ex-works = 3 mm). The setting to the “new” operating point is performed as follows: The plunger must be moved from the “old” to the “new” operating position. Now the set button should be pressed for a duration of 1 sec. The LED now flashes with a higher pulse frequency and the new operation point is set retentively.

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Switch off the danger – safety position switches LS...ZB

safety position switches LS... Safety position switches LS-ZB and LS 4-ZB are used on centrifuges, motor and gearbox covers, presses, etc.. If the protective guard is opened, they disconnect the power and in so doing, remove the danger. LS-ZB and LS 4-ZB comply with EN 1088 "Interlocks with and without mechanical securing action". The selection of the necessary protective device is thus simplified.

All safety position switches also fulfil the demands for use in safety circuits by their use of positively driven switching elements and positively opening contacts. Equipped with double-break contacts, they are also suitable for use in the configuration of redundant safety circuits.

The switches featuring double break contacts are suitable for use with electronic devices in accordance with IEC/EN 61 131-2, enabling the safe exchange of information with any controller.

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