Door safety switch

Safety for persons and processes: door safety switch
LSR-... /T(KG,S)

Door safety switch The safety of all personnel working in production halls must be ensured at all times. Protective doors and hinged flaps keep people out of hazardous areas.

Where an attempt is made to open a protected door or flap during operation, the hingeoperated switches LSR/TS and the hasp-operated switches LSR/TKG immediately disconnect the power supply to the machine or installation. Opening is registered at an angle of only 5 degrees, and so even tampering is not possible.

Wherever tampering must be absolutely prevented and protruding actuating levers would be unacceptable, door switches offer protection on tooling and packaging machines or in areas where robots operate. If the hasp-operated switches LSR/TKG are fitted inside a cover, tampering is completely eliminated.

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Securing and locking with the safety switch LS...-ZBZ for protective doors

safety position switch By reliable securing and interlocking of protective doors, the LS-ZBZ increases the safety standards for the protection of personnel and processes.

The LS-ZBZ operates according to one of two principles: on the basis of magnetpowered or spring-powered interlocking.

Magnet-powered interlock is used in personnel and process protection. The protective cover is interlocked when operational voltage is applied, and can therefore be opened directly in the event of power failure.

The spring-powered interlock is optimally suited for enhanced personnel protection. The door or protective guard remains safely locked even in the event of power failure. In an emergency, the protective guard can be opened using an auxiliary release mechanism.

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