Safe disconnection of solar panels – with DC switch disconnectors

The VDE 0100-712 (June 2006) standard stipulates the use of a switch-disconnector between the photovoltaic module and the inverter. Eaton provides enclosed and open switch-disconnectors for voltages up to 1000 V DC.

They can be used to establish separate switching points as demanded by the VDI standard VDI 6012, so that for example, a defective inverter can be safely disconnected. All switch-disconnectors switch on two poles and are thus suitable for unearthed systems.

Compact disconnectors for inverters

DC switch disconnectors Eaton offers both enclosed and open switch-disconnectors.

Open switch-disconnectors P-SOL are intended for customized enclosures or inverters. They are attached on 35 mm top-hat rails; their terminations facilitate connection of all conventional conductor types. Separate rotary handles and shaft extensions enable flexible installation. An auxiliary contact block for indication of the switch state can be attached. A shunt release module and an undervoltage release module are available for remote tripping.

In addition, these switches are of course certified by the TÜV.

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Perfectly enclosed for outdoor installation

DC switch disconnectors for outdoor installation Switch-disconnectors SOL in enclosures are ready to install.

Connection variants for 2 and 4 strings as well as for the most commonly available connector type MC4 or metric cable glands, ensure problem-free integration in different system concepts.

The enclosure is implemented to degree of protection IP65 and thus facilitates outdoor installation. Locking capabilities offer protection during service. A pressure equalization element prevents collection of condensation and thus malfunctions due to flash-overs.
In addition, these switches are of course certified by the TÜV.

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Hazard-free fire-fighting

SOL30-SAFETY The PV fireman’s switch is a DC switch disconnector (32 A) in an IP65 enclosure. It is installed in the immediate vicinity of the PV modules and in the DC current line to the power inverter. The switch can be remotely actuated by a PV-OFF switch using the integrated undervoltage release.

If the fire services disconnect the entire house from the electrical mains supply during a fire, this automatically leads to tripping of the PV fireman’s switch and to disconnection of the PV cables from the voltage source. Danger posed to the fire services during a fire – caused by live DC current lines – is thus fully eliminated.

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High level of flexibility through comprehensive accessory range

DC switch disconnectors NSwitch-disconnectors N in the special version for up to1000 V DC, can be used on 1- or 2-poles. The comply with the isolation properties even for earthed IT networks.

Accessories, such as connection terminals and door coupling rotary handles enable individual installation in the most varied of distribution systems. Auxiliary switches, voltage releases and remote operators facilitate signalling and automation.