Residual Current Circuit-Breakers for Reliable Detection and Disconnection of FaultCurrents

FIP – protection for personnel and system

Residual Current Circuit-Breakers For Reliable Detection and Disconnection of Fault

The FIB residual-current circuit-breaker with a response threshold of 30 mA disconnects so rapidly that no harm can come to persons or animals.

Typical applications:

  • Humid production areas
  • Laboratories
  • Mines
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Distribution boards for construction sites
FIPS – for selective disconnection

The new FIPS offers the possibility of arranging residual-current circuit-breakers in time-selective progression. In this way, only the breaker immediately upstream of the fault location trips out. The upstream selective breaker, however, does not trip, and the unaffected system parts nearby continue in operation.

FIM – for compact, triple protection

The RCCB combination of FAZ and FIM offers triple connection in a compact device, i.e. overload, short-circuit and residual-current protection.

This combination protects every circuit separately in three ways and is also disconnected individually, as a local protective device. This means personnel protection and the avoidance of unnecessary stoppages of unaffected system parts