Metering and communication modules NZM-XMC – The product range

Recording and optimising energy consumption - metering and communication modules NZM-XMC product range

The new range of metering and communication modules (MCx) are designed for use with circuit-breakers NZM2 and NZM3 and can be used universally in a voltage range from 35 V - 690 V and in a current range from 1.5 - 500 A. There are two sizes matched to the NZM current ranges. Size 2 (NZM2-XMC) extends up to 300 A and size 3 (NZM3-XMC) up to 500 A. Each of these sizes are available as 3 or 4-pole versions.

The MCx range includes a display device (96 mm x 96 mm) with IP54 protection and a keypad for front mounting in the switch cabinet door. Individual datasets can be selected via the keypad and the measuring results displayed on the device.

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