Installation / Mechanical connection

Recording and optimising energy consumption - Installation / Mechanical connection of the NZM-XMC  metering and communication moduleThe installation of the metering and communication module can be undertaken at any location in the control panel. The system is independent of the switch design and model. All existing circuit-breakers and switch disconnectors can be used, only the minimum clearances required by the design of the respective switches must be observed. This solution offers a very large range of applications and can even be retrofitted in a short time to existing switchboards.

The mechanical installation of the devices is ver y simple. The cables or braids are wired through the apertures of the MCx to the switching/protective device. They can be mounted on both the incoming and outgoing side. The tunnel diameter in the respective size can be adjusted to the cable cross-section by means of adaptors.


MCx as a data source for 3 recipients

Recording and optimising energy consumption - providing data for the control level the with NZM-XMC metering and communication moduleAll relevant data is provided for the control level in addition to the local display for on-site personnel. These include the current states ON/OFF/TRIP of the circuit-breaker as well as control of a remote operator for automatic switch functions. The management level is concerned with the present values of currents, voltages and powers which can be individually displayed as well as saved. The course for optimization of consumption can be set here.

Pre-processing in the MCx enables load shedding

Pre-processing means reducing the load on the processing stations. A simple form of optimization is load shedding. If a defined threshold is reached, a digital output can be controlled that is integrated into the interlock. A range of digital and analog input/output expansion boards are available for this extended functionality. These boards are installed in the base unit and are supplied directly on order.

The following expansion boards are available:

  • 1. 2 outputs as a changeover contact
  • 2. 4 outputs as NO contacts
  • 3. 4 digital inputs / 4 digital outputs
  • 4. 1 analog output 4 - 20 mA

As an intelligent pre-processing unit the MCx offers further information for the control and management level. For example, the maximum values of measured values can be calculated and issued over a time period, or time window values can also be mapped for a specific time. The MCx can also score points in terms of diagnostics. Load warnings can be issued and fault currents to earth can be detected and reported.

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