IZM Circuit-Breakers – Intelligent and Robust Safety

Circuit-breaker IZM32 from the IZM26 series, withdrawable and fixed installation

The IZM26-series consists of four frame sizes.

IZM26 circuit-breaker series, overview according to rated current and switching capacity

B 50 65    
N 65 85 85 85
H   100 100 100


This switch series is thus ideal for a variety of applications. The main fields of application are:
  • System protection
  • Motor protection
  • Transformer protection
  • Generator protection

With its switching capacity of 50 kA, 65 kA, 85 kA and 100 kA, the IZM26 is highly versatile. A large range of practical accessories are ideally suited to adapt the IZM26 to special requirements and thus make it a useful switching and protection device in the switchgear system.

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