Fieldbus Interface – Information and Communication

Fieldbus systems PROFIBUS, Modbus, Ethernet, different fieldbus interfaces

The circuit-breaker series NRX opens up new opportunities in the energy distribution field with its communication capabilities. They provide all the information necessary for operation and pass it on. Accordingly, system transparency is enhanced, and the reaction times to critical states, e.g. overcurrent, phase unbalance or phase failure, is reduced. System malfunctions can be prevented by quick intervention in a process, or preventative maintenance activities can be scheduled. Thus, the level of system availability is increased.

With the respective communication module PCAM, MCAM or ECAM (PROFIBUS-DP / MODBUS / Ethernet Communications Adapter Module) every circuit-breaker of the series NRX is equipped for the demands of modern and future-proof communication. The data bus can be used not just to transfer information, but also to receive commands/settings.