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ARCON - Das Produktsortiment

Eaton is continuing to extend its leading role in the field of arc-fault protection in close co-operation with TU Ilmenau (Technical University). The attention is focused on determining the sources of danger with exposure factors such as pressure, radiation, heat flow and further parameters on persons – with and without the arc fault protection system.

This danger occurs during inspection and maintenance work on opened switchgear systems and when working under voltage. From the standards point of view the resistance to arc faults is tested exclusively in a closed state.

Critical factors for persons are the noise, flow of heat as well as the optical radiation which result during an arc fault. Our research results indicate that the risk of injury to persons has been decisively reduced by the application of ARCONreg;.

VdS – recognised arc fault protection system
The German Insurance Association and its subsidiary VdS Schadenverhütung are impressed by the functionality of the system. The VdS certified the arc fault protection system ARCONreg; in 2004. Since then, customers who use ARCONreg; qualify for cheaper insurance premiums with their property insurance.

Technical Data

  • System arc fault quenching time < 2 ms
  • Detection of arc faults from 3 kA arc fault current
  • Current capacity of the quenching device 65 kA, 500 ms, or 100 kA, 150 ms
  • Almost complete self-monitoring of the arc fault protection system.

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