MatSelect Engineering Software

MatSelect Product and material data with customised or standardised classification systems can be administered with MatSelect. Features which are necessary for the description are available in varying file formats. Features can be expanded or changed at any time. A class related search and research function with filters for multiple features according to varying criteria, can be applied to find the most pertinent information. Interfaces for data exchange support standard formats such as Eldanorm, Datanorm or BMEcat.

Using Hyperlinks as feature related values, information such as documents and software (e.g. via network or FTP addresses) can be administered with ease.

Basic functions

  • Administration of multiple classification systems with customised structure in a database
  • Administration of features in varying data formats (including hyperlinks)
  • Multiple language support for the user interface and data content of the database
  • Import and export interfaces (e.g. Eldanorm, Datanorm or BMEcat)
  • Research functions with combinable filter options
  • Implementation of drag and drop functionality with Moeller ProPlan and Moeller QuotationManager
  • Windows programming interfaces (COM) for remote operation with any desired Windows application

System requirements

Pentium PC with 256 MB RAM
VGA ≥ 1024 x 768
Operating system: Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP

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