MODAN® Withdrawable

Thanks to the new withdrawable units technology, MODAN® not only provides for flexible energy and motor-starter combinations for up to 250 kW, but also meets the requirements of the most stringent safety standards and ensures a maximum of availability.

Compliance with degrees of protection up to IP54 in operating, test and disconnected position, with the door being closed, is a significant improvement in terms of safety.

When changing the operating position it is no longer necessary to mechanically move the drawers.

A section dropper bar free of arc fault roots comes as standard and emphasizes our concern for a maximum of personal safety and equipment protection.

The new withdrawable units technology, thanks to a wear-free type of contacting, is based on the principle of “switching instead of plugging in“. Handling the operation, test and disconnected position is fail-safe and the positions can be locked without applying any force.

Communication systems can be added via Profibus. The type of internal separation is Form 4b. The compact and modular design ensures an optimum level of both economy and space utilisation.