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Bayer AG

Bayer AG in Map Ta Phut, Thailand:
Power Supply for the Infrastructure and Polycarbonate Production

The requirement – complex power distribution concepts

The new Bayer AG production plant in Map Ta Phut, Thailand, is where polycarbonates are produced for a wide range of different applications and uses. The high level of complexity involved in this kind of production plant places particular demands on the concept and design of the power supply system – as well as on the experience of the supplier.

However, Moeller has available the experience required for this kind of project. The central task was to make the UL specifications of Bayer AG compliant with IEC Directives.

An additional special requirement was that the entire installation in Thailand had to be identical to an existing Bayer AG plant in the USA, in terms of the relevant documentation and the power distribution for the process control system. The order was for the planning and engineering, installation, commissioning and service of the entire low-voltage power supply system - both for the infrastructure of the site and for the production plant.

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