Modan and Busbars Light Up the Kölnarena

On 11th September 1998, after a construction period of only 26 months, the opening event took place in Germany’s largest and most modern multi-functional hall, the Kölnarena (Cologne Arena). Almost 17,000 ice-hockey fans watched the match between the Kölner Haie (Cologne Sharks ) and the Frankfurter Lions (Frankfurt Lions), live. The official gala opening, featuring the star tenor Luciano Pavarotti, was held on 17th October 1998. Some of the outstanding features of the Kölnarena are:
the huge usable floor space of 83,700 sq.m., state-of-the-art hall and stage engineering and a loudspeaker system with an output of up to 70,000 watts. Within a few hours, the 1,800 sq.m. space for events can be transformed from an ice-hockey pitch into a concert stage. A giant video cube in the middle of the auditorium, secured by means of steel supports fixed to the roof, allows the audience / spectators to experience exciting scenes in large format and as action replays, and to see their stars in close-up. An audience of 18,000 can be accommodated in the huge oval inner area, and in 100 private suites and 60 boxes.

The Kölnarena is spanned by a 480-tonne steel arch which supports the roof via steel cables. The overall height of the arch is 76m., only 19m. lower than the viewing platform at Cologne Cathedral. To the east and west of the Arena there are outer buildings which house the 14-storey, main Deutz Town Hall building and a 12-storey car park.

Demanding specifications met

A structure such as the Kölnarena places great demands on power supply systems and their individual components. These demands include a long lifetime, extensive availability, low inflammability, speedy planning, simple assembly, flexible alteration to suit differing spatial requirements, as well as minimum effort if upgrading is necessary. Upgrading and altering have to be possible without interrupting current events. High safety standards and complex systems demand a power distribution system that can cope with all the various economic and technical requirements. To ensure that everything went smoothly, it was decided to use a power distribution system with a double electric circuit and emergency power supply provided by the Moeller Group.

Protection in case of breakdown

In the Kölnarena itself, Moeller installed Modan 6000 switchgear systems, IVS installation distribution systems and LD bar distributors. The 50 Modan 6000 sections are equipped with complete plug-in engineering, plug-in-technology, switching safety strips for the individual power outlets, and main busbars to cope with a current of 2000A. The sections were divided among 10 low-voltage main distributors (NSHV) with an additional safety circuit. From the main distributors, part of the 4000km of cable installed leads to the individual IVS wall-mounted and free-standing cabinets which act as sub-distributors. The 150 IVS sections are partly employed as metering distributors. The Modan 6000 modular switchgear system is a type-tested switching device combination according to IEC 439-1. A high level of reliability, flexibility and functionality is provided as a result of the individual combinations of varying construction designs and installation techniques. The power distribution system is rendered maximally available due to the use of complete plug-in engineering. For operating purposes, all the plug-ins have uniform tableaus for user and display units.
As well as the Kölnarena, Moeller also fitted out the eastern and western outer buildings. A total of 80 sections are distributed among 8 low-voltage main distributors in the western building and 4 in the eastern building. Each one of these is fed in via a separate transformer. An additional generator is set up adjacent to each feed-in point, to ensure continuous operation. If required, the generator feeds the energy into the low-voltage distributors via the LD busbars. In this case, the swich-over to the replacement system occurs automatically. Moeller also provided the outer western and eastern building with low and medium voltage. Felten & Guilleaume, a company belonging to the Moeller Group, supplied the medium voltage.
In the western outer building, approximately 6 MVA are distributed to the users via 10 transformers(400, 630, 800 and 1000 kVA), using an air-insulated, modular EA10 medium-voltage unit that consists of 22 sections. In the eastern outer building on the other hand, approx. 3 MVA are distributed via 5 transformers, using an EA 10 unit consisting of 14 sections. In both the eastern and western buildings, feed-in sections, transformer sections and measuring sections, among other things, were employed.
In the low-voltage sector, a total of 80 sections are distributed among 8 low-voltage main distributors in the western building, and 4 in the eastern one.

Tremendous space saving

In the outer building, LD bar distributors with capacities of 1,600 A and 3200 A are used. In general, the LD bar distribution system covers a current of up to 5,000 A. Just as for the Modan 6000 and the 380 IVS installation distributors, the LD system is a type-tested switching device combination in line with IEC 439-1 and 439-2. The bar distribution system is extremely reliable because of short-circuit strength and minimal inflammability. In addition, the bars are halogen free. They also stand out due to their requiring very little space and because they can be quickly installed. Practically no faults occur during installation, as a result of the reliable and well-tried connection technology.
Reliability, effectiveness, safety and economy are important parameters in the provision and distribution of power. In the Kölnarena and its outer buildings, Modan 6000, in conjunction with the LD bar distributor and the IVS installation distributor, make an important contribution to these parameters.