RF Home Manager

Moeller's Home Manager is an "all-round genius". As a central display and operating unit, it is able to control all the functions of a modern electrical installation providing ultimate convenience of operation:

  • Security and alarm functions
  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation control, e.g. solar systems control, hot-water preparation and boiler control
  • Lighting and light scenarios
  • Blinds / shutters / awnings
  • Time-based switching of different functions
  • Comprehensive logic and comfort functions
  • Remote control and diagnosis via the phone (analogue and GSM)
  • Notification and operation via SMS (with GSM)

The Home Manager is able to communicate with all of Moeller's other RF components, which means that all data of the utility system in the building can be interchanged and coordinated. Thanks to its straight-forward and user-friendly design, the Home Manager is ideal for single or multi-family buildings.

RF Room Manager

The new Room Manager is Moeller's answer to aesthetic and design requirements in the living environment of the customer in terms of electrical installation. Especially the display and operating elements are visible parts in the immediate living environment and should therefore be an expression of the customer's design and convenience awareness.

Our innovation for the automatic control of modern electrical installations in single-family houses and rented or freehold flats:

Moeller's Room Manager combines the functions of a modern electrical installation, such as

  • security functions
  • light scenarios
  • control of blinds and shutters

with the comfort functions of an individual room management (heating, cooling). The graphic display with background light guarantees a straight-forward and clear presentation of the most important information for the end user.

Moeller's Room Manager is the only one in its price category to provide an infra-red interface allowing easy software updates whenever you want to have them done. It is able to communicate with all the other components of Moeller's RF system. Cutting-edge sensor technology and push-buttons make on-the-spot operation and parameterization easy for the user. The device is surface-mounted; alternatively it can be attached to a 55 mm or 68 mm switch box, branch-off or installation box.