RF push-buttons easy to install wherever you need them

Eaton's RF push-buttons with integrated RF sensor are extremely compact and can easily be placed wherever you need them. No flush box, no chasing out walls and no laying of wires will be required. Whether on glass, metal or stucco, Eaton's RF switches can easily be retrofitted wherever you want or need to.

Thanks to the extremely flat design of the battery-powered transmitters you won't need any flush boxes to install Eaton's RF push-buttons. Batteries in the push-button are easy to replace (service life approx. 10 years)

Simply use your existing switches

By using a binary input, existing installations can be expanded and made compatible with Eaton's RF system. In this case, conventional switches can simply be wired up with the RF binary input. Thanks to its compact design, the RF transmitter will "disappear" behind the switch, in the flush box.