The switching device (actuator) is invisibly hidden in an existing flush box, light fixture or intermediate ceiling. The switches as such can simply be glued to the wall. As well as for new and renovated buildings, this is ideal wherever cables cannot or must not be laid.

Eaton Funksystem

Unbeatable when it comes to renovating

  • Ideal for new build and renovation
  • Numerous functions such as the control and display of lights, blinds and shutters, heating, ventilation, etc.
  • Control via RF switches, remote control, mobile phone and TV
  • Easy and clean to incorporate into the existing installation system without additional wiring
  • For universal use, easy to expand
  • Designed to match the comprehensive range of accessories and switches
  • Minimum wiring needs

The range of Eaton's RF system within the building is almost unlimited. Interferences with the neighbour's system are impossible thanks to Eaton's special RF technology, i.e. its RF actuators with integrated repeat function. You will therefore not need any additional amplifiers to compensate for any structure-related attenuation or major distances between the RF transmitter and RF receiver. Each actuator installed in the building will reliably transmit the RF command to the relevant receiver. With this function, the so-called "Routing", Eaton has embarked on an absolutely new direction.

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