Control, Isolating and Safety Transformers

Isolating and Safety Transformers STI, STZ, DTI and DTZ control, isolating and safety isolating transformers are UL/CSA-approved and are thus suitable for use worldwide.

The STI and STZ single-phase transformers and DTI and DTZ three-phase transformers are suitable for all applications which require increased control system safety.

Increased isolation

The isolating transformers are provided with reinforced isolation between the input and output windings. They are suitable for the "safe" isolation of electrical circuits in danger or hazardous areas with an electrically conductive environment.

Increased protection – everywhere

Safety isolating transformers offer a high degree of protection for use in harsh operating conditions such as with wet-grinding machines, cement vibrators, etc. These transformers are a special type of isolating transformer with a maximum secondary voltage of < 50 V.

One transformer in stock for all applications throughout the world

The UTI multi-winding transformer is the most universal product in the range. It, too, can be used as a control, isolating and safety isolating transformer and has UL and CSA approval. With its 13 standard input voltages, the UTI is the ideal transformer to keep in stock for export.

With only one actuating voltage for the entire control system, the UTI can be used for applications throughout the world.

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