Multipurpose power supplies AING: Compact, complete and comfortable

Power supplies AING A few typical voltages have become commonplace for use as the control voltage supply. In buildings, a 24 V AC voltage as well as a 10 V and 24 V DC voltage are generally used. Up to now, multiple power supplies were required which had to be separately installed and wired, including the associated signalling and fusing.

The new AING 4 and AING 8 multipurpose power supplies clean up the control panel! They have been developed in close co-operation with the panel builders. A practical solution developed by a practical company for practical customers.

Only one space-saving power supply must now be installed and wired. The primary and secondary connection terminals are isolated from one another. Additionally, these power supplies provide clearly assigned fuses for all three control voltages. All basic power supply functions are this provided in a single device.

The basic functions of the new power supplies are not just economically-viable and space saving, the troubleshooting - which can never be thoroughly ruled out - is significantly improved. An LED is provided for each of the three secondary voltages: Green indicates that the power supply is functioning normally. Red signals a short-circuit, which has tripped one of the integrated fuses.

Frequently, optical indication of the operating states on the power supply is not enough. The operating state indication is not only required in the control panel, but also at more distant locations.

The AING power supplies are also perfectly suited for this purpose: A potential free changeover contact for up to 250 V and 1 A is provided for every voltage. All components such as the rectifier, fuses, LED's, signal relays and terminal are provided ready-to-connect or wired. All elements have been clearly arranged and are protected.

Safety is an important consideration with non-stabilized transformer power supplies. The galvanically isolated windings conform to EN 61 558-2-6. This is the European directive for safety transformers with the highest demands placed on small transformers.

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