Product features

Moeller® series

Box terminals

Rahmenklemme Contactors DIL up to 170 A feature box terminals with two terminal chambers. Thus, different conductor cross-sections can be safely wired – even on machines subject to a high level of vibration.

Furthermore, all the connections are freely accessible from the front. This simplifies wiring and thus reduces wiring errors.


Identical construction design: AC = DC

AC gleich DC Contactors with AC and DC mechanisms have identical geometry's. The contactor accessories, in particular the wiring aids, can be used independently of the voltage type.


Integrated suppressor circuit

Schutzbeschaltung In order to protect neighbouring, sensitive electronic components, all DC operated contactors feature an integrated suppressor circuit.


Electronic actuation

The DC actuated contactors DILM17 to DILM170 feature electronic actuation.

elektronischer Antrieb

  • Minimised heat dissipation enables a good heat balance in the control panel
  • Direct actuation of the contactors up to 38 A by the PLC saves on coupling relays
  • Extended voltage tolerance guaranteed reliable operation even on less stable power grids
  • Wide voltage range coils covers all voltage variants with just a few types.

On contactors DILM7 to DILM38 an auxiliary contact is integrated in the base unit. This can be configured as an N/C or N/O contact.

The integrated auxiliary contact avoids the need for an additional auxiliary contact attachment in many applications.

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