Eco contactors

Moeller® series

New compact Eco types: DILM15, DILM38, DILM72 and DILM170

Eco-Typen Eaton has extended its contactor range with high-performance and cost-optimised Eco types with the new DILM15, DILM38, DILM72 and DILM170 contactors.

The performance has been enhanced thanks to optimised contact design and higher-performance contact materials. An optimum cost-benefit relationship offering excellent value for money was realised after intensive research and numerous tests.

The result speaks for itself: The prices for the Eco performance variants have been reduced by up to 12 percent! Furthermore, precious control panel space is also saved by the compact Eco contactor design.

With an electrical lifespan of 500,000/750,000 switching operations, the Eco contactor is the first choice for most applications and a real alternative to the already proven contactor series.

   Technical data in comparison

We offer the following contactor series for special applications:

You can combine all the contactor series with the same range of accessories.

The auxiliary contact range has been extended by the electronically compatible auxiliary contact.

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