EMT – One Unit Affording Multiple Protection

Thermistor Machine-Protective Devices

Remarkable functional versatility in the smallest possible space: the EMT 6 thermistor overload relay protects machines against overtemperatures during severe starting duty, braking duty, undervotage and overvoltage, and high switching frequency.
The temperature is monitored by means of a thermistor, directly on the motor winding. In the event of overtemperature, the appropiate signal is passed to the EMT 6. It trips, and the fault is clearly displayed by an LED. Another field of application for the EMT 6 is the monitoring of temperatures in bearing, gearboxes, oils and coolants.

Devices for world markets

EMT 6 thermistor overload relays are, of cours, world market devices to IEC 947. In addition they also have UL and CSA approval, and Germanischer Lloyd approval. EMT 6 are finger- and back-of-hand proof to IEC 536.
Up-to-date PTB test reports even show that they are suitable for motor protection on machines in EEx e areas.

Universal and economical

Three types with differing functions are available: EMT 6, EMT 6-DB and EMT 6-DBK. The EMT 6-DBK is the most versatile with functions: automatic or manual operation, recognition of short circuits in the sensor circuit and zero-voltage safety. Zero-voltage safety ensures reliable fault signalling even in the event of supply voltage failure; signalling wich helps prevent expensive downtimes.
The EMT 6-DKB is suitable for every thermistor application. This universal device thus simplifies selection, engineering and stock-holding. For optimum safety, all EMT 6 thermistor overload relays have potential isolation between the sensor circuit and the control supply voltage.