ZEV – The Revolutionary Motor-Protective System for Motor Currents from 1 A to 820 A

Moeller® series

Motor-Protective System

Technology advances require completely new approaches. Motor protection has become considerably simpler and cheaper as a result of the use of newly developed sensor systems and releases.

All Z overload relays provide the standard functions of protection in the event of phase failure, overload or current imbalance.

In addition to these tasks, the innovative ZEV can now offer much more:

  • Small control panel design using transformers with a volume reduction of 58:1 compared to conventional transformers.
  • Small light-weight sensors with extremely wide current ranges make the selection easy. A small number of device versions reduce storage costs.
  • Very simple installation. There is no need for the cumbersome installation and connection of large transformers with thick conductors, or for drilling holes in the mounting plate. Instead, the sensor is simply attached using velcro fasteners.
  • Button operation and LCD display simplify setting and monitoring.

Motor-Protective System

Even the most severe starting conditions can be handled by the ZEV motor-protective system. The extended tripping classes up to CLASS 40 ensure the safe protection of motors with long starting times.

An earth fault is quickly detected by external core-balance transformers. The integrated thermistor connection allows the relay to be expanded to provide a full motor-protective system.